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Fausto Salvador

Studio Tributario Societario

“I search for high performance, challenges”

I have learned the value of preparation and dedication, the power of determination, the importance of far-sightedness. That is my creed in life, in my profession and in practicing sports. This is the contribution I bring to the practice of corporate consultancy. I specialized in tax law, which I have combined with sound knowledge of corporate law and finance.


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Studio Salvador

We listen to you to find the best solution

When you rely on Studio Salvador, you choose a close-knit team of chartered accountants, statutory auditors, financial, and tax consultants as your partners. They are able to come up with ad-hoc, innovative solutions for the most diverse and complex issues concerning every aspect of tax and corporate law, both in Italy and abroad.

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Our team

Our complete team

Studio Salvador achieves your goals through strategic business planning, careful risk assessment, protection of individual and corporate assets, careful management of ordinary and extraordinary activities, plus a broad vision of the evolution of your business.

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