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Structured compliance, tailor-made to every need

Tax consultancy and compliance

We have always had a passion for studying and researching, and we work hard to provide you with the best solutions to the most controversial fiscal cases, both nationally and internationally.

We support you in all your fulfilments – whether compulsory or optional – which are prescribed by tax regulations and are useful for maintaining excellent relationships with institutions.

Corporate Law

It is within the law, and within its multiple interpretations adopted in case law and in academic literature, that we search for the best solutions for corporate structures, with a view to developing our clients’ business.

By carefully and judiciously drawing up articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, put & call options right from the start, we can provide companies with a system of mutually shared rules which are suitable for achieving profit goals for all shareholders, whether involved in corporate management or not.

Extraordinary Operations

Growth can be endogenous or exogenous.

Either through autonomous drives or through acquisitions, additions, and mergers.

We accompany you on the full path to your goal: we listen to your needs and, thanks to our multiple experiences, we can implement and devise the most effective operations.

We assist you in the negotiating, contractual and financial-planning steps, both ordinary and extraordinary.

Corporate Restructuring

Sometimes, in their development, companies need to reappraise their strategies and reposition themselves.

Then, talking with third-party funders and, in particular, with the banking system becomes crucial.

We assist you in those exchanges of views, in order to always keep them constructive, by helping you draw up plans that may be useful for devising the best solution strategies.

Organizational Models according to Legislative Decree 231/2001

We support the senior management in drafting organization, management and control models according to Legislative Decree 231/2001. We carry out inspection, control and auditing activities by participating in supervisory boards and implement auditing and advising activities, including in support of those boards.

We assist you in completing management and operational procedures, we analyze the structure of delegations and proxies and design a balance of powers complying with the principles of prevention of operating risks.